Custodians of the Sea is an Environmental Apparel Brand based in SoCal

Over  95% of their products are environmentally conscious and particularly ocean conscious! The Company is on a mission to bring environmentally friendly apparel to the laid back style of nature loving people worldwide by creating the “Unconscious Custodian” phenomena utilizing Hemp fabrics, and participating in the process to stop the flood of discarded plastics into our Oceans and landfills with fabrics made with 50% Recycled Ocean Bound Plastics. 

Emerging from a lengthy background in national water conservation, Custodians of the Sea was founded with a purpose and passion that flowed seamlessly into Environmental Apparel bringing awareness, comfort and style to T-shirts, hats, and garments that are worn every day without the conscious thought of what impact they may have on our health and environment. C.O.T.S. core line of products is made up of Recycled, Repurposed or Regenerative products with graphics and colors to inspire a connection with and a celebration of nature, positivity, and awareness.

Custodians of the Sea utilizes hemp as one of their main products. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants in the world maturing in just 3-4 months. A hemp plant provides 220% more usable fibers than a cotton plant, grows without pesticides (no chemicals), and uses 50% less water than the cotton plant ( water conservation). Hemp is considered a “rotational” crop meaning the entire crop can be put to use for fabrics, building materials, food, and soil replenishment for future crops. Strong hemp fibers allow a person up to 20 or 30 years of wear  with proper care (smart consumerism) and the earthy softness gets softer and softer with each wear. The hemp is moisture wicking, offering thermodynamic properties to keep you comfortably cool in the heat and toasty warm in the winter months. The most incredibly insane attribute of the C.O.T.S. hemp T-shirts and other products – they are fully BIODEGRADABLE leaving no trace once you have enjoyed the shirt to its fullest!

Custodians of the Sea has also chosen to implement fabrics that use fibers spun from Recycled Ocean Bound Plastics (Repreve), with the ever growing problem of plastic pollution in our landfills, waterways and oceans there has to be a solution to tossing plastic single use water bottles.  Repreve has developed a way to recycle and manipulate the plastics into fibers that are used in garments and paired with organic cotton and tencel which give the C.O.T.S. T-shirts an incredible silky softness and natural feel. This solution offers an excellent use for plastic waste and brings circularity to plastics that would end up in our landfills, waterways or ultimately in our oceans and pelagic fish that are consumed worldwide. 

You can find Custodians of the Sea up and down the California Coast spreading awareness and positivity with their Environmental Apparel and good vibes at street fairs, holiday festivals, surf contests, ocean challenges and of course, for World Wide delivery on their website or in the water or on the trail with family and friends enjoying what they are truly helping to preserve!