2020 was anything but a stellar year, however, if you were safe enough, healthy enough and had a solid crew in your “COVID BUBBLE” to get out and enjoy some of the best long days of summer well then you can’t stay mad at Twenty-Twenty.

The Custodians Wednesday Crew was definitely lucky enough, safe enough and healthy enough to score some of the best surf, laughs, food, beers & fun ever! With the “pandemic traffic” as light as could be (for SoCal) & some of us working remotely & studying remotely we were able to commit to an every Wednesday session!  Some of us surf and some Paddlesurf, but we all dig getting wet, riding waves and having a good time.



Get the necessary work done ASAP. Meetup at the park n ride transfer boards, rinsekits, backpacks, & beers. Hit the road and get to the home break of choice in no time flat.


Gear up:

The National Parks adventure pass is a necessity! Front row parking, shed the work/school clothes (HaHa boardshorts or sweats) slip on the trunks grab the sticks and coolers and It’s On!


The Session:

Three hours on the water. Empty lineup, everyone scoring waves hootin’ & hollerin’ for each other cheerin’ each other on, so stoked to be out with our Crew! With muscles tired letting us know it’s time to call it. We head in, crack a cold one and reminisce about each score of the day and hope for a glimpse of the Green Flash. Life is Sooo Good!