Burn The Ships – Salvaged Series


We must succeed in ridding our Seas & Earth of waste!  Burning The Ships leaves no choice but to utilize these 100% recycled materials keeping the cotton waste scraps from the landfills and the plastics from our Oceans!

  “Burn Your Ship” in this super soft mid weight tee made with 100% recycled material and hand screen printed with Spirulina Algae!!!


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This Super Soft Tee is made from yarn that is spun, knit, and finished in the USA. Cut and sewn ethically using 100% recycled materials!

** This Garment is made with 100% Recycled Materials.  Garment is Hand Screen Printed using Black Spirulina Algae**

  • 50% Recycled Ocean Bound Plastics.
    • 50% recycled cotton scraps from the cutting room floor cotton.
    • Tag less no neck label sewn C.O.T.S Issued hem label
    • Saves an average of 145 gallons of water.
  • . Reduces 4 kg of CO2 emissions.
    • Uses an average of 12 water bottles
  • Hand Screen Printed with Living Ink Algae Ink

Better for the Planet:
Recycled polyester gives you the same technical performance you get in virgin polyester, with a vastly smaller footprint. What’s more, it can be recycled again and again, without significantly degrading in quality. It provides a valuable use for post-consumer and post-industrial plastic (which may otherwise end up floating endlessly in our oceans), and weakens our dependency on petroleum as the raw material for our apparel needs.

Better for You:
It takes roughly twelve (12) post-consumer plastic bottles to make a t-shirt. Those bottles are shredded into flakes, melted into pellets, spun into yarn, and then knitted into apparel. The result is a super soft t-shirt that you can wear proudly for many years to come.

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