Full Sailed Schooner


Maritime Folklore dictates that if a Sailor has navigated the rough seas around Cape Horn they earn the honor to tattoo a full sailed schooner on their body.  C.O.T.S. believes we have all navigated our own rough seas through life and we all have earned the honor to don the Full Sailed Schooner proudly!  The Swallows are a symbol of HOME and are believed to be a Talisman that would carry the sailors soul home if they were to parish at sea.

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This Super Soft Tee is made from yarn that is spun, knit, fabric dyed and finished in the USA. Cut and sewn ethically.

**This Garment is Screen Printed by Hand Using Living Ink Tech Spirulina Algae**

• 50% Recycled Ocean Bound Plastics.
• 25% organic, US-grown combed cotton.
• 25% Tencel™ Modal.
• Tagless interior neck screen print
• Saves an average of 145 gallons of water.
• Reduces 4 kg of CO2 emissions.
• Uses an average of 6 water bottles

Better for the Planet:
Recycled polyester gives you the same technical performance you get in virgin polyester, with a vastly smaller footprint. What’s more, it can be recycled again and again, without significantly degrading in quality. It provides a valuable use for post-consumer and post-industrial plastic (which may otherwise end up floating endlessly in our oceans), and weakens our dependency on petroleum as the raw material for our apparel needs.

Better for You:
It takes roughly six (6) post-consumer plastic bottles to make a t-shirt. Those bottles are shredded into flakes, melted into pellets, spun into yarn, and then knitted into apparel. The result is a super soft t-shirt that you can wear proudly for many years to come.

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